SEGP Series Fully Automatic Liquid Fillers

SEGP Series Fully Automatic Liquid Fillers


The SEG fillers are a group of single or two station automatic indexing gravimetric (weight) fillers. Each machine is designed to meet the specific requirements of the user. Models are available in both sub-surface and top fill configurations to fill containers from 1 to 220 liters (quart to 55 gallons).

Range of Products:

The SEG model fillers are available for gravimetric (weight) filling of non-foaming or foaming liquid and semi-liquid Food, Chemical and Petroleum products which do not contain hard solid particles. Product contact (wetted) parts are available in brass and steel (standard), 316 Stainless Steel, Sanitary Stainless Steel, and Titanium to meet a wide range of product requirements. The SEGF Sub-Surface models are specifically designed for foaming liquids.

Range of Containers:

Models are available for filling any free standing metal, plastic, glass or bag in box containers from 1 to 220 liters (quart to 55 gallons) which are open top, round closed top with a center opening, or closed top with a rectangular base. Filling nozzles are available for container openings as small as 25 mm (1 in.).

Filling Speed:

Speed is determined by the viscosity of the product, product line pressure, size of the container opening, and use of prefill stations. Speed estimates are provided in individual proposals.

Weighing System/Accuracy:

The SEG models are available with 3 types of weighing devices. Crandall Mechanical Weight Tripping Device: The weight tripping device provides a simple, durable weight sensing system.

Beam Scale with Over-Under Indicator: The beam scale with over-under indicator provides more rapid weight setting, and the over-under indicator provides a visual check of fill accuracy. Fast-Fill/Slow-Fill (Dribble Flow) operation is standard on machines with beam scales. Load Cell Scale with Digital Controller: The controller allows quick entry of weight settings and a visual check of accuracy. The indicator provides readout capabilities to 1 part in 10,000. Net weight filling is optionally available. The controller is provided in a liquid tigh enclosure. Fast-FiII/Slow-Fill (Dribble Flow) operation is standard on machines with load cell scales. Accuracies for machines without Fast-FiII/Slow-Fill capabilities is within ±0.5%. Accuracies for machine with Fast-FiII/Slow-Fill capabilities is normally within ±0.3%, but may be increased by reducing the flow rate during SIow-Fill.


The SEG fillers are shipped in modules which may be quickly assembled. Conveyor motors must be connected to switched electrical boxes, the pneumatic system must be connected to the plant ai system, and the product supply must be connected. On models with the load cell scale, the controller must be connected to a switched electric supply.

Supply of Product:

Each filling nozzle may be supplied from any non-surging source with a constant supply pressure from gravity to 3 bar (40 p.s.i.).


The SEG fillers are designed for long service and easy maintenance. The special Step Sequence pneumatic system includes a series of visual indicators and manual overrides to simplify trouble shooting and testing. The sturdy welded steel con- struction is designed to provide a long operational lifetime.


The machines are equipped with pneumatic fail- safe devices to close the filling nozzle if pneumatic pressure is lost. There is a quick shut-off button to terminate operation if a problem occurs. Standard models with Tripping Device and Beam Scale weighing devices are fully explosion proof (Class 1, Group D).


A line of empty containers enters the filler. The first container is moved to the corner of the 'L' shaped feed and moved onto the filling platform by a pneumatic cylinder-the container is filled-another empty container is moved onto the platform, pushing the filled container onto the discharge conveyor. (See Options)

Personnel Required:

None at the filler

Approximate Air Requirements:

SEGP top fill models: 80 1/min. at 5.6bar (3cu. ft.!min. at 80 p.s.i.) 22 (s.c.f.m.) SEGF sub-surface Models: 160 1/min. at 5.6 bar (6 cu. ft.!min. at 80 p.s.i.) (44 s.c.f.m.)

Electric Requirements:

The two fractional horsepower motors which operate the conveyors each require a maximum of 5.5 amps (depending on electrics). On models with load cell scales, a 110-120v., 50 or 60 hz, 1 phase, grounded, clean source is required.

Noise Control:

All cylinders exhaust through ports with mufflers for sound level reduction. A level <25 db at 1m (3 ft.).


Automatic Tare:

(Models with load cell scales only) This allows containers to be individually tared. This option makes a significant reduction in fill rate.


(Standard on models with beam or load cell scale) The Fast-FiIl/Slow-Fili operation reduces the fill speed at the end of the fill cycle to increase the accuracy of fill. It is available in two configurations, Dribble Flow and PrefiIl/Top-Off.

Dribble Flow:

The Dribble Flow valve reduces the fill rate as the container approaches the shut-off weight. The Dribble Flow valvemay be adjusted to provide greater or lesser restriction during the slow fill. Lower flow rates during Dribble Flow will increase accuracy of fill, but will also increase fill time.


Prefill/Top-Off uses a timed fill to partially fill the containers before they reach the weighing platform. While the containers are in the 'waiting' position before loading to the weighing plat- forms, a major portion of the product is fast filled. When the partially filled containers are placed on the filling platforms, the containers are 'Topped-Off' at a reduced flow rate (replacing Dribble Flow). This allows increased production for each weig~ing platform.

Dribble In:

Reduces flow rate at the beginning of the fill cycle for high foaming products. Available on models with Dribble Flow Shut-off.

Fume Control:

The machine may be equipped with a wide range of covers or full enclosures to control product fumes.

Splash Shields:

The machine may be equipped with shields, pans and enclosures to protect from splash.

Indicator Packages:

The SEG machines may be provided with awide assortment of indicator packages to indicate machine status as required by the user.

Special Adaptations:

The SEG fillers may be modified to meet your specific requirements.


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