Kinex Pneumatic Bottle Cappers - PS Series

Fast, Precise, and Easy-to-use Capping Solution

Crandall's Kinex PS Series Pneumatic Bottle Cappers

Discover the efficiency of PS™ Series Pneumatic Bottle Cappers. These devices effortlessly tighten screw and lug caps from 10 mm to 130 mm, offering the perfect solution for applications where torque accuracy and repeatability are essential. Adjusting the torque output is a breeze — turn the external torque dial. PS™ Series Capping Machines run on 90 psi compressed air, offering a quiet, comfortable capping experience.

Built for comfort and efficiency, the PS™ Series capping machines are lightweight and boast ergonomic features such as a push-to-start mechanism and automatic shut-off.

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How It Works

Working with the PS™ Series capping machines is a breeze. The operator lowers the chuck onto the cap that needs tightening. A gentle push downwards kick-starts the machine, which tightens the cap swiftly and accurately. Once the cap reaches the preset torque, the machine automatically shuts off (auto-shut-off), indicating it's time for the next cap.

Works with Different Sized Caps

  • The PS™ Series has you covered Whether you need to tighten small or large caps. The PS-100 specializes in handling small cap requirements, applying as little as 2 in. lbs. of torque.
  • For larger caps, the PS-300 Power Cap comes equipped with a powerful motor and special gearing, handling caps up to 130 mm in diameter with absolute precision.

Operating Features

  • PS™ Series capping machines are designed for ease & precision:
  • Tightens caps from 10mm to 130mm
  • Features an External Torque Adjustment Dial for precision
  • Offers repeatable torque ranging from 2-110 in.lbs
  • Can also function as a De-Capper
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Equipped with a quick-change chuck for convenience

Ergonomic Features

  • The PS™ Series prioritizes user comfort with its ergonomic features:
  • Push to Start function for ease of use
  • Automatic Shutoff for energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation for a peaceful work environment
  • Soft ergonomic grip for comfortable handling
  • Compact size for portability

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