Kinex Semi-Automatic Bench-Top Capping Machines - SA Series


Kinex SA Series Bench-Top Capping Machines offering efficient capping solutions

Supercharge Your Production Line 

Say goodbye to the strain and fatigue of hand capping. Welcome ease and speed with the SA™ Semi-Automatic Bench-Top Capping Machines from Kinex. Built for comfort, they transform your production line, making capping a breeze.

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Discover the Kinex Advantage - How It Works

Place the bottle in the V-Block, depress the foot pedal, and watch the magic happen. The machine descends onto the cap, tightens it to a pre-set torque, and is instantly ready for the next bottle. Your path to peak efficiency starts here.

Enjoy precise torque control with the SA™ Capping Machines' adjustable automatic-shut-off clutch. Set your desired torque with a finger's ease. The moment the cap reaches pre-set torque, the machine disengages and readies itself for the next round.

What's more? The SA™ Semi-Automatic Cappers are air operated. They come integrated with a lubricator, filter, and regulator, ensuring clean, lubricated air at the correct pressure every time.

Versatility - Works with Many Different Sized Caps

  • Small caps? No problem. The SA™ 1000 is perfect for applying as little as 2 in. lbs. of torque.
  • Big caps? We've got you covered. The powerful SA-2000 Series Capping Machine handles caps up to 130 mm in diameter with ease and precision.

State-of-the-Art Operating Features

  • Tightens caps from 10mm to 130mm.
  • Torque range: 2 - 125 in.lbs.
  • Capping speed - 30 caps per minute.
  • External torque adjustment dial.
  • Integrated lubricator/filter/regulator
  • Reversible - can be used as a de-capper
  • Set up in minutes, simple to use.
  • No Tools Required! All adjustments are made by turning knobs and dials.
  • Quick change chuck

Unmatched Ergonomic Features

  • Quiet operation - 78dBA
  • Anti-rotation base for a strain-free experience

Ready to redefine efficiency? Contact us now to transform your capping process.

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Experience the power and efficiency of the Kinex SA Series.