CRA Fully Automatic Crimping Machine for Pail Fillers and Drum Closing


CRA Fully Automatic Crimping Machine for Pail Fillers and Drum Closing
CRA25 Model Shown

Range of Containers:

Crandall pail crimpers are adaptable to fit all-sized lug cover pails and a range of plastic pails with pressure lids. The machine's closing heads can be interchanged, which enables the closure of diverse sizes and types of containers on the same machine. We also offer specialized models for securing the tops of drums with ring seals while the ring is attached.

Consider our Model PPC5 and PPD closers for higher-speed closings of plastic pails.


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Estimated Containers Per Minute
Container Size:
2 Gallon
(8 Litre)
5/6 Gallon
(20/25 Litre)
16 Gallon
(60 Litre)
50/55 Gallon
(200/220 Litre)
CRT/25 4P/4M 4P/4M    
CRT/60 4P/4M 4P/4M 2M  
CRS/25 6P/6M 6P/6M    
CRS/60 6P/6M 6P/6M 6M  
CRS/60P     6M Z
CRS/220     H H
CRA/25 6P/6M 6P/6M    
CRA/60   6P/6M 6M  
  • P - Plastic Pails with plastic lids
  • M - Metal Pails or-plastic pails with metal lug covers
  • Z - Allows larger drums to pass through on the conveyor without closing,
  • H - Holds lid tight while the ring is placed on ring seal drums.

NOTE: Special attachments may be necessary to close more than one size or type of container.


Your current plant staff can promptly install the closers. The only connections to establish are to your existing 3/8" plant airline; if the machine is equipped with motorized conveyors, the motor needs to be connected to a switched connection. Motors can be provided for all 50 and 60 Hz electrics. The conveyor height of the CRS and CRA model machines is adjustable to match your current conveyors.


CRA Automatic Models:

Before the pail enters the machine, lids are placed on top. The machine automatically aligns the pail, seals it, and discharges it.

CRS Semi-Automatic:

The operator places the lid, moves the pail beneath the closing head, and activates the two operating buttons. When the buttons are released, the closing head retreats to its up position. For CRS/220, the pressure head remains down, securing the drum lid tight while the operator attaches the ring clamp. The pressure head lifts when the operator hits the release button.

CRT Table Top Semi Automatic Models:

The operator positions the lid, moves the pail under the closing head, and activates the two operating buttons. This model doesn't include legs or a conveyor.

Change of Container:

Crimper heads on CRT, CRS, and CRA models can be swapped with minimal effort – release the lock nut and the closing head screws off the holding shaft. Height adjustments are accomplished via the rack and gear system. The can guides can be easily modified on CRA models to accommodate varying pail sizes.


Crandall crimpers are engineered such that you don't require a technician for minor repairs. All bolts and fittings are standard sizes and don't require special tools.


CRA Automatic Models:

No operator presence is needed at the machine. Lids can be placed before the container is discharged from the filling machine. A safety guard is located at the closing station.

CRS and CRT Models:

These machines require a two-hand-anti-tie-down system, meaning the operator must use both hands to operate the machine.

* All models operate without electricity. Motors used for motorized conveyors are Class 1, Group D, Explosion Proof, and approved by UL and CSA.

Space Requirements:

  • CRT/25, CRT/60: 24" x 30' (61 cm x 76 cm)
  • CRS/25: 29" x 45" (73 cm x 115 cm)
  • CRS/60: 39" x 45" (99 cm x 115 cm)
  • CRS/60P, CRS/220: 50" x 45" (125 cm x 115 cm)
  • CRA/25: 73" x 33" (185 cm x 83 cm)
  • CRA/60: 73" x 37" (185 cm x 93 cm)

Approximate Shipping Weight:

  • CRT/25: 695 1 bs (315 kg)
  • CRT/60: 800 lbs (365 kg)
  • CRS/25: 850 lbs (385 kg)
  • CRS/60: 1000 lbs (455 kg)
  • CRS/60P, CRS/220: 1400 lbs (635 kg)
  • CRA/25: 1200 lbs (545 kg) CRA/60: 1400 lbs (645 kg)

Approximate Shipping Dimensions:

  • CRT/25: 30 x 36 x 60" (76 x 91 x 152 cm)
  • CRT/60: 30 x 36 x 72" (76 x 91 x 185 cm)
  • CRS/25: 52 x 39 x 72" (132 x 99 x 185cm)
  • CRS/60: 52 x 43 x 80" (132 x 109x203 cm)
  • CRS/60P, CRS/220: 52 x 60 x 84" (132 x 152 x 216 cm)
  • CRA/25: 77 x 37 x 71 " (195 x 93 x 180 cm)
  • CRA/60: 77 x 39 x 80"(195x 100x210 cm)

Approximate Air Usage:

  • CRT/25, CRT/60, CRS/25, CRS/60, CRS/60P, CRS/220:
    2 cu. ft. at 80 p.s.i.g. per-minute (60 liters at 5.7 kg/sq. cm. per-minute
  • CRA/25, CRA/60:
    4 cu. ft. at 80 p.s.i.g. per minute (125 liters at 5.7 kg/sq. cm).

Optional Features:

Motorizedinfeedd Conveyor on CRA/25:

(Standard on CRA/60): Aids infeed of containers to the machine. It is recommended for products that are not lubricants. It is required for machines closing containers smaller than 5 gallons (20 liters).


For portability.

Additional closing heads:

For closing more than one size or type of container on the same machine.

Specially designed machines may be manufactured to meet your special requirements.

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