FTC Friction Top Closing Machines


FTC Friction Top Closing Machines
Model FTC Shown


Range of Containers:

All friction-top metal cans and many plastic containers to a maximum diameter of 7.5 inches (19cm) may be closed on the FTC machine.

Change of Containers:

To change the height of the closing wheel, adjust the rack and gear system using the adjustment wheel.


The conveyor travels at approximately 30 ft./min. (9m/min.) and will accept randomly placed containers.


Polycarbonate guards covering moving components. The motor is Class 1, Group D, Explosion proof. UL and CSA approved.



The machine is shipped assembled and may be installed quickly and easily by your plant personnel. Conveyor height is manufactured to your plant's specifications. A fractional horsepower motor is provided in customer electrical specifications to operate the closer.


The lid is placed on the container before entering the machine, where it is conveyed below the synchronized powered roller and sealed.


Most adjustments and repairs are not complicated and may be made by your plant personnel. A sturdy welded steel construction will provide many years of profitable service.


Personnel Required:

No operator is needed at the machine while it is in operation. The operator at the filler typically places the lid before discharging the container to the FTC.

Electrical Requirements:

5.5 amps., maximum depending on motor electrics.

Air Requirements:


Floor Space Required:

44 in. X 34 in. ( 112cm. X 87cm. )

Approximate Shipping Dimensions:

48in. X 40in. X 64in. ( 125cm. X 100cm. X 162cm.)


Casters: 2 swivel two rigid

Frame: 304 Stainless Steel, Epoxy coated

Conveyor: 304 Stainless Steel table top chain

Special: Automatic lid dropper for pints, quarts, & gallons