ET1/4X Top Fill Drum/Tote Filler


ET1/4X Electronic Top Fill Drum Fillers

Range of Products:

Any non-foaming food, petroleum, or chemical product that will flow and settle out in the container and does not contain hard solids. Machines are available with Brass & Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, 304 Sanitary Stainless Steel, and PVC contact parts. (For foaming products, see Crandall EFl/4X)

Range of Containers:

Any free-standing metal, glass, plastic, or bag in drum container from 15-gallon (50 liters) to 55-gallon (220 liters) and tote size containers. Filling lances are available for containers with openings as small as 1" (25mm).

Filling Speed

Based on the gravity filling of water from the holding tank into open top containers. (Faster speeds may be achieved by pumping the product)

*Rates may vary under different conditions than when tested.

Container Size Per Hour
16 gallon / 60 liter 120
30 gallon / 120 liter 90
55 gallon / 220 liter 60


The ET1/4X filler may be installed quickly by your plant personnel. The scale controller can be plugged directly into a 110-volt outlet. One minimum 3/8" airline from your plant air is required to run the pneumatic system.


Extra heavy-duty design and construction guarantee many years of service. No special tools are necessary to make adjustments.


  1. The operator places all bung openings toward the center of the pallet with the drum caps removed and rolls the pallet onto the filling platform.
  2. The operator presses the brake release button allowing movement of the filling head and aligns the filling lance to the drum opening (the machine is also equipped with a mirror to aid in alignment).
  3. They then press the start buttons.
  4. The machine will auto-tare the scale, and the filling lance will descend a few inches inside the drum.
  5. The fill lance will open and fill at a rapid rate until the scale reaches set point #1 (dribble flow).
  6. The fill rate will now be in the dribble mode (slow) until the scale reaches set-point #2 (shut off), at which the fill lance will shut and then rise out of the drum.
  7. Once the fill head has reached the top of its stroke, the drip pan will extend beneath the fill lance to capture any drips from the outside of the fill lance.
  8. The operator will move to the next drum and repeat the process until all drums are full.


The 5000 lb. scale is a proven heavy-duty design specially adapted for the filling operation. Accuracy is within +/- 0.1% when the machine is installed and operated correctly.


The machine is equipped with a quick shut-off that interrupts the fill. It also has a fail-safe to shut off the product flow if air pressure is lost. Other safety options are also available.

Change of:


To change the product, the filling system may be drained and flushed down with solvent. For complete cleaning, the filling head may be disassembled by the operator.

Container Height:

The machine has a hand wheel rack and pinion system to raise and lower the fill head to the appropriate height for filling different size containers.

Product Supply:

The machine may be supplied from any source providing a non-surging flow. Supply line pressure may be from gravity to 40 PSI Maximum. The standard connection is 2" NPT female.


Heavy duty design 5000 lb 48"x48" flexure base style scale.



One operator, unskilled. The operator has time to close and seal the bungs while the next set of containers fills.


Approximately 3 cu.ft./min @ 80 PSI (80 ltr. /min. @5.6 kg/ per container filled.


110/120 Volts, 50/60 Hz. Single phase grounded clean electrical source. We suggest using a surge protector. The scale controller classification is NEMA 4X, liquid-tight stainless steel.

Optional Features:

In-feed/discharge conveyor

  • 5' Min to 10' gravity or powered conveyor sections
  • Powered rollers on the filling platform


  • 304 SS frame
  • Epoxy-painted steel or "Steel It" SS paint coating
  • Enamel paint standard

Safety Items Available

  • Fume cover
  • Operator splash guard
  • Explosion-proof electrics for filling flammable liquids

Full Stoke filling head

  • Allows full movement of the head to the corners of the fill scale.
    (Needed for 16-gallon kegs on pallet machine)


Floor Space

58" wide x 80" deep x 85" tall  - 14" conveyor roller height. 3' clearance required behind filler for hose/hose head movement.

Shipping Specs

90"L x62"W x 80"H, 2900lbs.

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