U2-U6 Pneumatic Top Fill Filling Machines

U2-U6 Pneumatic Top Fill Filling Machines

Unit Fillers

Range of Products:

Any non-foaming food, chemical or petroleum product which will flow, settle out in the container and does not contain hard solid particles, The machines are available in brass & steel (standard), 316 stainless steel, titanium, and PVC contact parts to suit your product. (For foaming products, see CRANDALL F, AF and EF FILLERS.)

Range of Containers:

Any metal, glass, plastic, pails or bagin-box containers from 1 to 25 liters (quart to 6 U.S. Gallons). The Unit Fillers are designed to be production machines for containers from 4 to 25 liters (1 to 6 U.S. Gallons). (See CRANDALL Model A, PA and FAPA fillers for smaller containers.

Filling Speed:

Based on the gravity filling of water from a 3 meter (10 ft.) gravity head into containers with 63 mm (2.5") openings, the following are approximate speeds.

Model 4 Liter (1 Gallon) 10 Liter (2.5 Gallon) 20 Liter (5 Gallon)
U2 720 440 240
U3 1080 660 360
U4 NR 880 480
U5 NR NR 600
U6 NR NR 720

NR Not Recommended for sustained filling, for short runs only, For short runs, all filling nozzles need not be used. *Pneumatically operated machines have slightly higher production rates.


The CRANDALL weighing system is specially designed for the filling operation, This insures accurate filling in plant conditions. This system will give sustained accuracy within +- 0.5% of target gross weight when the, machine is properly installed and operated. (For greater accuracy, see Options-Dribble Flow.)

Crandals pail filling machinery provides accurate, low maintenance, no-drip filling of liquid to viscous products into cans, pails and totes.


Unit Fillers are shipped assembled and may be quickly installed by your plant personnel. No special foundations are necessary. Motors for motorized conveyors are provided in your plant electric. Pneumatically operated models include system filters, regulators and lubricators.


The operator places any empty container on the first filling platform and starts the fill. He continues to load and start the fill on ail filling platforms. As each filling platform reaches its target weight, its nozzle closes. When a nozzle closes, the operator pushes the filled container to the discharge conveyor, loads an empty container, and starts the fill. For short runs, all nozzles need not be used.

Supply of Product:

The machine may be supplied from any source which will provide a constant flow rate to each nozzle. Mechanically operated models may have supply line pressure from gravity to 1.1 bar (15 p.s.i.). Pneumatically operated models may have supply line pressure to 2 bar (40 p.s.1.). (see optional Holding Tank) Models with PVC product contact are limited to 1.1 bar (15 p.s.i.) line pressure and gravity supply is strongly recommended.


The machines are non-electric in operation. Motors on machines with optional motorized discharge conveyor are Class 1, Group D, Explosion Proof. There are no large moving parts to injure the operator.

Change of Container:

To change containers, simply change the weight setting and adjust the position of the filling nozzle. A rack and gear system is provided to set the nozzle height.

Change of Product:

To change products, the filling valves maybe cleaned with solvent or cleaning solution. For more complete cleaning, the valves may be easily disassembled. The pneumatically operated filling heads disassemble by removing only 10 bolts.


Sturdy welded steel construction and design for industrial applications gives a minimum of maintenance. Repairs are. generally, simple and specialized skills are not necessary for adjustments.

Personnel Required:

One operator, no specialized skills necessary.

Air Requirements

  • Mechanically Operated Models — None.
  • Pneumatically Operated Models — 5 liters/min. at 5.6 kg/sq. cm (0.2 cu. ft./min. at 80 p.s.i.) per filling nozzle.

Electrical Requirements:


Optional motorized discharged conveyor is equipped with a 1/3 or 1/4 H.P. motor (depending on electrics available) and requires a maximum 5.5 amps.

Noise Control:

On pneumatically operated models, cylinders exhaust through ports with mufflers. A level <20 db.

Optional Features

Rollers on Filling Platforms:

Recommended when all containers to be filled are 4 liters (1 gallon) or larger.. Rollers ease the discharge of containers.

Motorized Discharge Conveyor:

Recommended to ease the discharge of filled containers and quickly remove them from the filler.

Sanitary Valuing and Piping:

(Pneumatically Operated Models Only) The 3A sanitary stainless steel contact parts with clamp connectors provide rapid cleaning for food applications.

Holding Tank:

Recommended when a constant product line pressure cannot be maintained. The tank includes a level control float valve.


To allow the machine to be moved easily.

Fume Covers:

Recommended when filling volatile products. The PVC fume cover is attached to the filling nozzle and has a flexible hose to attach to your plant vacuum system. This allows fumes to be removed at the container opening while filling.

Dribble Flow Shut-Off:

To increase fill accuracy, the Dribble Flow will reduce the flow rate at the end of fill.

Space Requirements -

Floor Space:
U2 112 cm x 82 cm 44 in. x 32 in.
U3 146 cm x 82 cm 58 in. x 32 in.
U4 180 cm x 82 cm 71 in. x 32 in.
U5 215 cm x 82 cm 85 in. x 32 in.
U6 249 cm x 82 cm 98 in. x 32 in.


Approximate Shipping Weight:
U2 425 kg (940 albs.)
U3 610 kg (1345 lbs.)
U4 714 kg (1575 lbs.)
U5 837 kg (1845 lbs.)
U6 989 kg (2180 lbs.)


Approximate Shipping Measurements:
U2 135 cm x 107 cm x 191 cm (53 x 42 x 75 in.)
U3 170 cm x 107 cm x 191 cm (67 x 42 x 75 in.)
U4 201 cm x 107 cm x 191 cm (79 x 42 x 75 in.)
U5 246 cm x 107 cm x 191 cm (97 x 42 x 75 in.)
U6 284 cm x 107 cm x 191 cm (1112 x 42 x 75 in.)


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